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Planning the Big Day - The 10 Step Guide

Overwhelmed by all the planning and not sure where to start? Here is a easy step to step guide on what you can do to relieve the pressure!

Step 1

Find your venue! - Ok, so you cant start a plan without a framework right? So this is your framework, your venue. I advise attending wedding fayres in order to pick the venue that is right for you, it will also give you lots of creative ideas for your day!

Step 2

Choose your date and register your marriage! - Once you have your venue, you can pick your wedding date. How exciting! You also need to register your marriage with your local council to make it official.

Step 3

Think about your guest list. - I'm sure this would be in your head already, now you have your venue and your date you need to think about sending out save the dates. Of course these are an additional cost and have booked your wedding a year or two in advance I would highly recommend save the dates, however if you are only planning for the big day within a few months go straight to the invitations!

Step 4

Your suppliers! - My favourite bit of course. You can start to think about your catering, if your venue does not already come with this included and book this, food can be an expensive cost so its one to rule out early on so you know what's left within your budget! - Remember numbers wont be confirmed 6/8 weeks before the big day so don't panic! You can then start to think about what kind of theme you may want and find suppliers who fit your theme, for example; a rustic theme. - Don't panic you don't have to book this straight away I would recommend doing your research on this!

Step 5

The details! - Get those invitations sent with a RSVP so you can get your wedding numbers and get your seating plan confirmed. You can then start to think about the little details about the wedding; table plan ideas, the colour theme, the perfect rings, your bridesmaids/groomsmen, trying on the perfect dress/suit! This is where things start coming together and starts to feel real. Enjoy every second!

Step 6

Booking everything. - If you haven't done so already book and pay for things, you found a perfect supplier -great book it! You found your perfect wedding attire - get it! You found the flowers of your dream - book the florist! This will start to tie everything in together.

Step 7

Putting everything together! - By now you should have your RSVP's back, so you can confirm numbers for your catering and contact all suppliers to ensure all details are refined. The table plan can now be finalised and timings and logistics of your day can be confirmed!

Step 8

The back up plan! - You now have everything confirmed but what if you've planned an outdoor ceremony and rain is forecast? - Ensure your venue has space to accommodate you inside! You've booked a supplier but they've fallen sick - ensure you have supplier number 2 in mind, who may be available on your wedding date!

Step 9

Before the big day! - This may be the week before your wedding, everything is confirmed booked and paid for and you have a back up plan in mind. Ensure that you have a room at your venue available for you and your wedding party to get ready before the big day. This may be the night before if don't want to see each other, ensure you have the timings of this right, you don't want to have any added stress before the big day!

Step 10

The wedding day! - All of your plans have come together and now its time to enjoy your big day!

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