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The trendy trestle table look - good or bad?

We all love those long trestle tables to catch the eye, adding detail to a wedding but have you thought about those little details? Don't worry i've got you covered!

A long trestle table can add a much needed style to your day, bring everyone together and be a great for those who may not want the 'head table' look.

However, it is important you think about all of the styling concepts before choosing long tables. Here is some tips and advice I would give to every couple before making the ultimate decision on your table choice.

What centre pieces are you having?

It is important to think about the types of centre pieces you are going for; this can be tricky when it comes to long table layouts. I would suggest not overloading the table and keeping a minimal styling concept - you're already making a statement with the tables remember!

Have you thought about what food you're having and if this would logistically work?

Having long tables seems like a great idea, you've picked your food and thought about your table decorations, and thought that having a sharing platter with long tables would be a great idea...

This is something I have seen many of times during my career. Sharing platters are yummy and great and a great way to have your guests talking and interacting with one another, but have a think about how much room you have on your tables after your decorations and centre pieces, will this fit?

The seating plan!

Seating guests opposite side of each other may save room fill the space more and look very elegant, but what about comfort and room?

It is important that your guests have enough space, after all they're going to be sat in the same position for around 2 hours (if having a 3-course wedding breakfast).

So, trestle tables - good or bad?

Personally, I love a trestle table and I think they make your event look super stylish! As long as you have thought about the logistics and can make them work for you and your guests they are a YES from me!

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