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The Wedding Budget Guide

Did you know that according to Wedding Wire, 54% of couples increase their wedding budget during the planning stages with the average wedding spend around £30,000....What? That's Crazy!

This blog is all about setting your wedding budget without sneaking in those additional costs!

Go all out!

So, here is my suggestion; at the first stage of planning write down everything you want your wedding to include, at this stage don't worry about budgets. Make a wedding Inspo board (Pinterest always does the trick) and include every detail of your wedding; this will help to suggest an overall theme helping you through later stages of planning.

The excel spreadsheet!

Personally I am a spreadsheet enthusiast, the best thing since sliced bread if you ask me! Unfortunately not everyone feels the same, but trust me when I say this will be your most useful budgeting tool.

Write down everything you have added to your inspo board on a spreadsheet, and start by looking around to gain rough quotes for how much everything will cost - don't panic this is not your finishing budget and this will look higher than you thought!

Start eliminating!

This is where you can start taking things off of your spreadsheet, this may be the hardest part but this is where you can start to eliminate things that are going to be too costly or that you could live without (like that private helicopter you've included).

I know this is difficult as you could quite possibly think you need everything, but be a little harsh with this as it will determine your overall budget with no sneaky added extras!

Allocate your budget!

This is where things become a little tricky as couples getting married for the first time normally don't know how much things cost. This is where a wedding planner comes in handy, as they can break each element down and know exactly what you can get for your money.

I advice making a lot of in depth calls; turn those rough quotes from stage 1 into secure quotes. I would advice starting with those that are the most important aspect of the wedding...the venue, catering, music, décor etc.

The contingency!

As an event planner I think contingencies are very important its always good to have a back up plan, this is still the case for budgets believe it or not!

*Top tip* - put aside a little extra in a separate account so if prices fluctuate you still have the budget!

Triple check!

Last but not least, check over your budgets! Make sure you've included everything; are there any additional suppliers you've forgotten about? Are there elements such as thank you gifts that you haven't included?

Once you've checked you have everything included, make sure you check over your figures! This is important as you don't want to calculate the wrong budget and leave yourself short.

Once you've finished these steps you can start booking suppliers and paying deposits, making sure they align with the budgets you have set!

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