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5 tips for dealing with your postponed wedding!

Since we've been in lock down I've been creating blogs that has hopefully helped and got those create juices flowing! I think now is the time to write a blog regarding COVID-19 and hopefully give you some top tips on how you can go about postponing your wedding.

Tip 1 - Contact your insurance company

Understanding where you stand with your insurance company will give you reassurance, what level of insurance you have and how this can benefit you. I would recommend doing this before you postpone your wedding so you know where you stand and please please please read the small prints as these are most likely to catch you out!

Tip 2 - Contact your venue and suppliers

If you are uncertain of whether or not you should postpone your wedding, contact your venue they will be able to offer you advice on changing your wedding date! Once you've contacted your venue I would advice you to contact your suppliers to arrange alternative dates or see what they have available as you don't want to leave this to the last minute! I know most couples are taking this option, just be aware you may not get the same date or month as you had originally booked and some of your suppliers may not be available to change dates.

Tip 3 - Use your support network

This is a difficult time for all of us and it is especially difficult to postpone a wedding that you have been planning for months/years, use those who are close to you or in the same situation as your support network. There are many support groups on Facebook and Instagram right now and sharing your experience or knowledge can help you and others!

If you don't have a support network or you aren't one to use social media please feel free to message me, I will help in any way that I can!

Tip 4 - Remain positive

This is a tip that is sometimes easier said than done, especially when a lot of hard work has gone into the planning of your day. However, try to remain positive and keep yourself busy whether you have postponed your wedding or you haven't as of yet, occupy yourself with other wedding tasks - finalise your seating plan, create your menus, find that special gift for your maid of honour! Whatever tasks you have left to do, let this be your time to do them!

Tip 5 - Celebrate in style

Ok, so if you have had to postpone your wedding this is quite possibly the best tip I can give you celebrate your original wedding date!

Spend the day with your partner, treat yourself! Crack open the prosecco and toast, eat what could have been your wedding cake, have a dance in your living room to what could have ben your first dance, facetime your family and friends! Have two weddings instead of one!

And remember love is not cancelled!

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